Freemasonry in Andover

Anton Lodge is one of five Craft Lodges who hold their Meetings in the Andover Masonic centre in East Street.

What is Freemasonry

Self development and Improvement

Freemasonry, a centuries-old fraternity shrouded in mystery and tradition, is often associated with secret rituals and exclusive gatherings. However, beyond the enigmatic façade, Freemasonry offers a profound and transformative journey towards self-development and personal improvement. Rooted in principles of morality, charity, and fellowship, this ancient society provides a unique framework for individuals seeking to enhance their character, intellect, and overall well-being.


Freemasonry places a significant emphasis on charitable work and community service. By engaging in philanthropic activities, members learn the value of selflessness and compassion. Participating in charitable projects not only benefits society but also enhances members' sense of purpose and personal development.


At the heart of Freemasonry is a strong sense of fellowship and camaraderie. Members come together to support one another's personal and professional endeavors, fostering an environment of mutual growth. Through collaboration and shared experiences, Freemasons build lasting relationships that contribute to their overall well-being and self-improvement.

Moral Code

Founded upon a strong ethical foundation, Freemasonry emphasizes the importance of moral and ethical conduct in both personal and societal interactions. Central to its teachings are principles like integrity, compassion, and self-discipline, which serve as cornerstones for personal growth and improvement. These ideals guide Freemasons in their pursuit of self-awareness and the betterment of their communities.


Keystone Hall, East Street, Andover SP10 1EP